Traffic Services

RCMP officers conducting a speed watch

Traffic Services at Mission RCMP Detachment is committed to facilitating community safety to realize the Minister of Transportation's Road Safety Vision 2010 aimed at reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roadways. The four main goals are to raise public awareness of road safety issues, improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among road safety agencies, toughen enforcement measures and improve national road safety data collection and quality.

Our goal is to make our streets safe for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic through the use of the Three E's (Education, Enforcement and Engineering) of Traffic Safety.

Traffic Services at Mission RCMP Detachment participates with community partners in a variety of activities and projects working towards the shared goal of collision reduction and community safety. 

Some of the activities and projects include:

In British Columbia there are approximately 274 Provincial Traffic members and an additional 165 Municipal Traffic members. There are nine Municipal Traffic sections in the LMD with a total of 129 Traffic members. Mission has three Traffic members.

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