Street Crime Unit

The Mission RCMP Street Crime Unit works to identify target, investigate, disrupt, and dismantle the local street, grow-op, drug trafficking and organized crime operations that are having a negative impact on the District of Mission.

In addition to the amount of police resources that are spent dealing with these operations, many serious consequences affecting the community are associated with theses crimes. This can be seen in the destruction of property, the increase in the use of weapons, the effect on the family unit and the increase in related crime.

Drug Trafficking and Grow Operations - You Can Help

Image showing marijuana plants in a grow-op

The growth and distribution of marijuana in our community is a serious concern. Often residents will launch complaints because of the constant traffic, disturbing noises, unpleasant odours and very often, the fear they feel living near one of those houses. The peace and tranquillity of their neighbourhood had been destroyed.

The number of marijuana production operations in the Fraser Valley has grown dramatically in the last five years, mostly as a result of the increase in the value of Cannabis Marijuana.

What can i do to help stop marijuana growing and trafficking in Mission?

There is something you can do to help stop marijuana growing and trafficking in Mission. By calling Crime Stoppers and/or dropping into the Mission Detachment to complete and submit the "Suspected Drug Trafficking" and "Suspected Grow Operation" forms when you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood, you supply the RCMP with some very important information.

All information received from this report will be kept private and confidential to safeguard your security. Though this information is extremely valuable, please keep in mind that there are still complicated processes involved in dismantling a narcotics operation and police action may take some time.

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