Front Counter Services

Front counter hours of operation

Calling our non-emergency line is still the best way to initiate a file or speak to a member to discuss any problems or concerns.
Non-emergency phone number: 604-826-7161

Online crime reporting is available for certain reports. Read more on Mission's online crime reporting tool.

Masks are not required, but if you choose to wear one, Front Counter staff will direct you to face the video camera and hold your mask open to show your face and then replace your mask. This must be done before Front Counter staff can serve you.

If you attend for member assistance outside of our posted hours, please use the phone located in the metal call box on the outside wall to speak to our Dispatch operators. Please note, for any Front Counter services for forms and civil or vulnerable sector fingerprints you will need to contact Front Counter staff during business hours; the outside call box is for member assistance only.

Fingerprinting services (civil or VS) are available but with certain restrictions and limited time frames; available by appointment only. Contact Front Counter staff (604-826-7161) for further information and direction for possible alternate agencies (if required).

Police Information Checks (Criminal Record Checks) are being processed as usual. In the instance of a positive vulnerable sector hit the fingerprint appointment will be scheduled dependent on the restrictions as noted under ‘Fingerprinting’ (above). Please speak with Front Counter staff for details.

Plexiglass barriers are in place and disinfecting procedures are followed for the use of pens and clipboards. Please follow personal safety practices to protect yourself as you would in any area that has public access.

All applicants must attend in person.

The Mission RCMP front counter is open Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 14:00 and closed on all statutory holidays. All applicants for services must attend the detachment 15 minutes prior to closing to allow time to intake Police Information Checks and other forms. Payment for services include debit and cash only. (We are unable to accept $100 bills for services that total less than $100.)

Below are some of the services offered at the front counter; please call 604-826-7161, Monday - Friday, 08:00-16:45 for more detailed instructions and information.

Police Information Checks (Criminal Record Checks)

Applicants must live in Mission and provide two pieces of government-issued identification; one piece must include a photo and current address.  The fee for this service is $65 for employment purposes and landlord/tenant checks up to a maximum $130 per household; all members of the household must provide identification with the same address and attend within a two-week period to receive the discount. Student record checks are $25 with proof of enrolment in a school-based practicum. There is no charge for most volunteer positions but some restrictions do apply; please call for clarification. Volunteer applicants must provide a volunteer status letter. 

The completed Police Information Check must be picked up by the applicant with the presentation of one piece of photo identification.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

Request a copy of the Police Information Check form. (Simply hit send on the email, and you will receive a reply with the file within 1 minute.)

Police Certificates

Applicants can reside in Mission or Abbotsford but must not have a criminal record; please provide two pieces of government-issued identification. This certificate is for Visa applications, foreign travel, and foreign work permits; it will be issued after a search of the National Repository for Criminal Records in Canada. (The criminal check is not verified by fingerprints.) The fee for this service is $65 and will be provided while you wait. It takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

Taxi / Chauffeur / Ride Share Permits

Applicants require a Police Information Check with the Vulnerable Sector query and must attend the police detachment where they live. Please see the 'Police Information Checks' section above for information on obtaining a Police Information Check at the Mission RCMP Detachment.


Appointment is required; please call during front counter hours.

Applicants must live in Mission.  The fee for this service is $65, plus $25 for the Ottawa processing fee, if applicable. There are a variety of reasons for having fingerprints taken. These include:

The U.S. Waiver package is available at the U.S. border crossings for individuals who have a criminal record and wish to apply to enter or work in the United States. The applicant is fingerprinted by his/her local police detachment, and the results will be sent to their home, or to a designated representative (i.e. companies doing their forms/applications). 

All fingerprints are taken digitally, but if rolled paper prints are required (by employer, etc.), these can be supplied at a cost of $65.  These prints will be given to the individual after they are produced.

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