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2022-12-08 09:03 PST

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Last week during an evening patrol of Mission, our CPO volunteers came across some suspicious activity. They witnessed two individuals in dark clothing speed walking in a dark area behind some businesses, holding a large ladder. Our volunteers were in our Citizens on Patrol vehicle, and once the individuals noticed our volunteers, they dropped the ladder near a side trail and fled.  Our volunteers filed a report with Mission RCMP and were asked to remain on scene while Police arrived as our volunteers cannot pursue or take on any enforcement related activities.

This is a great example of how our volunteers act as extra pair of eyes and ears for the Police, and the benefits of the Citizens on Patrol program for our community. While we cannot definitively say what the game plan the individuals had surrounding the ladder, theft, potential break and enter etc., we know for sure that our volunteers played a key role in eliminating their intent merely with their presence.

Citizens on patrol on Mission

Remember, whether you are a homeowner or own a business- always keep your tools and equipment locked up. When tools are left unsecure, they create an opportunity for thieves to strike and commit a crime.

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