Reckless drivers learn hard lessons


2022-10-17 03:35 PDT

Photo of tire marks in parking lot

The largest shopping mall complex in Mission is a regular gathering place for the community. Hungry citizens line up for the drive-through lanes of various fast-food outlets, families gather for shopping trips or to watch a movie, friends pull out lawn-chairs and share stories over coffee, and young folks come together to proudly show off their cars and 4x4s. Unfortunately, a small contingent of irresponsible drivers have made some mall visitors feel unsafe, revving their engines and spinning their tires, leaving large patches of burnt rubber all over the large parking lot. Recently, Mission RCMP officers have stepped up enforcement to help increase peace and safety in the area.

The Motor Vehicle Act describes various forms of performing a stunt with a motor vehicle. Such actions include causing your tires to lose traction while you’re turning (burning rubber or doing a brake stand), causing any of your tires to lift up (doing a wheelie), or driving in a manner that causes your vehicle to spin (doing doughnuts). Doing any of these things will get you both a ticket as well as a mandatory 7-day impound.

Recently, numerous incidents have highlighted the dangers of this type of reckless driving behaviour: On September 30, a female was car-surfing on top of a vehicle in the mall parking lot, when she fell off while the car was moving, causing serious injuries; on October 13, in the middle of the afternoon, a witness called after she was almost struck by two motorcycles racing around – one of which tried to drive up a small flight of stairs and crashed. Both bikes were impounded; on October 14, a witness reported about 20 vehicles driving recklessly in the mall parking lot. Police attended and cleared out the group, but observed one particular pickup truck driving around with 4 people in the box of the truck, leading to the driver receiving a ticket for driving without consideration; numerous other drivers have also been ticketed or had their vehicles impounded for similar reckless driving behaviour.

The residents of Mission are fortunate to have such a large open area where they can meet up with friends, have a meal, and show off their rides, says Constable Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP. But it’s important that everyone be respectful of others, and of the property itself. Dangerous driving is not acceptable day or night.

Mission RCMP want to remind everyone that the rules of the road also apply to public parking lots, and that officers do not have to personally observe an infraction themselves in order to take enforcement action. A detailed statement from a witness combined with other evidence is often sufficient to support a charge under the Motor Vehicle Act, and in fact many of the recent enforcement actions taken at the mall are the result of members of the public calling us with vehicle descriptions or license plates. So just remember – even if you don’t see a police officer around, it doesn’t mean that someone else may not have their cell phone camera out, recording you before calling us. Let’s all take care of our community.

Officers will continue making increased patrols through the parking lot to help keep everyone safe. Anyone who does witness someone driving dangerously should call 911. After-the-fact reports can be made to Mission RCMP at 604-826-7161.


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